Team Update – 2/15/2017

Update – Team 7491 is preparing for the State of iowa championships by updating our robot and programming in the hopes of moving further onward

the additions we are making to the robot include a ball lift and launcher (pictured below) and hopeful improvements to the autonomous program.


further updates will detail any further developments

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4/26/16 Meeting

During the team’s meeting on the 26th, Jonathan Struthers told the team members that were present about CAD modeling and 3D printing, and also showed them how to create models in CAD software.

In the business portion of the meeting, the team discussed the World FIRST Finals, the “Stem in 30” videos from the National Air & Space Museum, and inviting participants from the robotics workshop in December to come to future meetings.

In addition, the team decided that Gavin, John, and Jorge would help to maintain the team’s website, and that the team’s fundraiser during the summer would be creating lemonade stands during the city-wide garage sale.

The team’s next meeting will be at the end of May, where they will go to the virtual reality center at Iowa State University.

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Results from 12/12/15 Meet

During our last meet at Marshalltown High School, our team scored third place overall out of ten teams despite engineering and technological difficulties.

We will continue to keep you updated as we get closer towards our second meet.

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12/31 Robotics Workshop

The Story Co. 4-H FTC (FIRST Tech Challenge) Robotics Team, The Robot Corps, is hosting a robot workshop from 1-4 pm on Thursday, December 31st.  It will be for youth in grades 3-6.  Fee will be $10/youth and it will be held in Christy 4-H Hall. Those who attend will get a chance to build a working robot, learn about programming and control the Robot Corps’ robot! For more information, please e-mail us at

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Team T-Shirts!

We are in a competition and could use your help! Simply click here to go to our photo on facebook and like, comment, and share it! (Contest closes 1/20)

We have also gotten numerous comments about how people LOVE our team t-shirts, so I thought I’d set up a shop where you can order them and help support the team. Click here to order a team t-shirt! (T-Shirt orders close 2/1 — NOTE: We need a minimum of 12 orders to ship, so order them up!)

Robot 4-H team to host open house in Nevada

The Story County 4-H FTC team # 7491, The Robot Corps, will be holding a team open house on Tuesday evening, Jan. 20, at 7 p.m. at Christy Hall/4-H Hall (adjoining the Story County Extension Office in Nevada). We look forward to demonstrating what we’ve been working on during our competition season this year as we prepare for the FTC league tournament on Jan. 24 in Johnston. Come join us, check out our robot, visit with the team members and enjoy some refreshments. FIRST FTC is an international robotics program for youth ages 12-18, which focuses not only on robotics, but “gracious professionalism” at its core. More information can be found on the team’s website: (Nevada Journal 1/15/2015)

DCG Meet #2

Today’s meet was really good. 9 out of 11 teams from the Central Iowa Robotics League showed up and had a good meet! The team put on a good show as we had the second highest combined RP (406 behind CMB’s 418 points). However, we only finished 6th overall today, we did have the single highest match score in match 10 winning 170-158 (even after having to re-play that match FOUR times!)

Sponsor Meeting

Team with Almaco guy

Last Tuesday, the team got a chance to meet with Scott Sporrer from Almaco, who presented us with a sponsorship. We got our fancy new t-shirts for free this year courtesy of ACI Mechanical. We want to give a big thank-you to all our sponsors this year!

Status Update

At our last meeting, we decided to change the team name to The Robot Corps. We also decided on all our team positions. We have received free downloads of SolidWorks 2014-2015 CAD software that we plan on using this year to aid in designing our robot. We are very thankful to have access to this high-end software at no cost. Also, we recieved a grant from John Deere.