4/26/16 Meeting

During the team’s meeting on the 26th, Jonathan Struthers told the team members that were present about CAD modeling and 3D printing, and also showed them how to create models in CAD software.

In the business portion of the meeting, the team discussed the World FIRST Finals, the “Stem in 30” videos from the National Air & Space Museum, and inviting participants from the robotics workshop in December to come to future meetings.

In addition, the team decided that Gavin, John, and Jorge would help to maintain the team’s website, and that the team’s fundraiser during the summer would be creating lemonade stands during the city-wide garage sale.

The team’s next meeting will be at the end of May, where they will go to the virtual reality center at Iowa State University.

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Results from 12/12/15 Meet

During our last meet at Marshalltown High School, our team scored third place overall out of ten teams despite engineering and technological difficulties.

We will continue to keep you updated as we get closer towards our second meet.

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