CIRL Championship

Directions to Venue
Building Map
Pit Map

Judging Schedule

  • Robot Inspection: 8:30 (Station 2)
  • Software Inspection: 8:45 (Station 2)
  • Field Inspection: 9:00 (Station 2)
  • Interview: 9:45 (Station 3 – Green)

General Schedule

7:30-8:00: Team/ Volunteer Check-in
8:00-10:45: Team Judging and Inspection

  • FTC robots will be required to pass hardware and software inspections before being cleared to compete.
  • This inspection will ensure that all FTC robot rules and regulations are met.
  • Each team will have a ten to fifteen minute “fact finding” discussion/interview with a panel of two or three judges

10:45-11:15: Driver’s & Coaches Mtg

  • “The head referee gives a brief overview of what is expected of
    teams and any venue specific information, such as queuing paths, and explain any signals and commands they
    will give during matches.”

11:15-11:45: Opening Ceremonies

  • 11:15-11:20 Opening Remarks – Welcome (Introduce judges and referees)
  • 11:20-11:32: Parade of Teams (Introduce each team – 24 teams total)
  • 11:32-11:37: Introduce VIPs and speaker(s)
  • 11:37-11:43: Game video
  • 11:43-11:46: National Anthem

11:45-12:30: Qualification Matches
12:30-1:00: Lunch
1:00-4:00: Qualification Matches
4:00-6:00: Alliance Selection, Semi-Final, and Final Matches

  • Top 4 teams will be Alliance Captains, and will each choose 2 alliance (team) partners. These four alliances will compete in the Semi-Finals, first alliance in each bracket to win two matches advances on to the Finals.

6:00-6:30: Awards and Closing Ceremonies

  • 6:00-6:05: Opening Remarks
  • 6:05-6:10: Introduce VIPs and speaker(s)
  • 6:10-6:25: Awards
  • 6:25-6:30: Closing Remarks

6:30-7:00: Clean up


We did not do quite as well as planned, placing 18th out of 25 after a slight improvement to the teleop program turned ugly and rendered our bot useless for two matches until we located the problem and got it fixed.